The Existence of Social Inequality

Social Inequality, one of the book’s major themes and the development on how Scout and Jem changed their view towards the people of Maycomb. From the Cunninghams to Tom Robinson, majority of the people did not tolerate their way of living or who they were, they were at the bottom of their community. There would be a social system where people would be categorized as being at the top, or at the bottom. Depending on who you were, how you lived, or what type of race you were. Farmers and the poor would rest at the bottom, the Cunninghams and the Ewells. However, blacks lie beneath them for the color of their skin and the discrimination that they receive. Throughout this book, Tom Robinson was accused of rape when he was innocent but was given guilty because he was black. Also, on how Aunt Alexandra did not accept the fact of Scout inviting Walter Cunningham for dinner because he and his family were considered to be trash and not at their level. Or the expectation of blacks being less than whites and people not accepting whites and blacks being together as one when in the end they are all human beings. This made Scout and Jem realize that people are not what they are expected to be, as in supporting and getting along with each other as that is what Atticus had taught them.There is always an existence of inequality in society, but it’s not good to go and discriminate someone until you step inside their shoes and walk around in them.

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