Does Heck Tate think an injustice was done to Tom Robinson?

As we know Tom was said to be guilty, due to discrimination, and died by getting shot seventeen times. Mr. Tate thought it was unfair for this boy, ” There’s a black boy dead for no reason, and the man responsible for it’s dead.”(Lee 276) Mr. Tate , the towns sheriff, admitted that Tom was innocent and had died for no apparent reason due to the unfairness of the jury. Heck Tate knew it was Bob Ewell who had committed the crime of abusing Mayella and also his fault in which Tom was convicted and then killed. Bob Ewell was the one responsible for Tom’s death , but Tom was recognized for his innocence. Tom’s injustice was similar to the Scottsboro Case, ” The case included a frame up, and all-white jury, rushed trials, an attempted lynching, an angry mob, and is an example of an overall miscarriage of justice.”(Unknown 17) Both were tried with a jury full of whites in which they gave the boys guilty for the inequality they have between each other. Of course some whites think it’s not fair and can not do anything about it but to just sit and wait for something good to happen. This also happened to young George Stinney and Richard Dieter had said,” race and other unjust factors determine who is sentenced to death.”(Starr 1) It’s sad to see young black men get sentenced or being told that they are guilty for something they have not done.For the men on juries not having the courage to defend a colored man just because of his skin and making them die along with their innocence.What the jury had done to Tom was a unfair, but people knew and believed that he was innocent despite his skin color.

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