Why was Tom already considered to be a dead man?

Tom Robinson was guilty for an injustice that was done to him, raping a white women.However, most people already knew,” Tom was a dead man the minute Mayella Ewell opened her mouth and screamed.”(Lee 241) When a black man and a white lady are together and she starts to scream, it was expected of him to have caused harm to her. Majority of the people already knew he was going to be guilty by the fact that he is black and any white person’s word is better than his. Tom had no chance in having his word believed by the jury over Bob and Mayella’s. Also, since the trial took place in Alabama he would face serious consequences, “sentenced to death, the common sentence in Alabama at the time for black men convicted of raping white women.”(Unknown 17) It was common in Maycomb for blacks to be given the verdict of guilty even after evidence was clearly told, no colored man was ever innocent.Tom was going to be dead any way , not even needing a trial to determine it. Mayella’s scream was all it needed. A woman’s word defeats a man’s word, ” It’s been like 20 years and I didn’t do the crime. They just threw it together, took her word over mine, Hill said. Now I’m free.”(Simerman 1) Back then when people in juries had a case of rape they tend to always believe the woman than the man since they seem so vulnerable. Men were expected to be respectful and a gentlemen towards a woman but not too good with them especially talking about black men.Blacks would already be sentenced with innocence by just looking at the color of their skin.

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