How does Mayella’s status affect her relationship with others?

Mayella is the daughter of Bob Ewell meaning they’re the Ewells, the trash of Maycomb. Mayella is a nineteen year old white girl who is an outcast in Maycomb , ” White people wouldn’t have anything to do with her because she lived among pigs; Negroes wouldn’t have anything to do with her because she was white.” (Lee 192)Whites knew her way of living and decided not be involved with her. At the time , folks did not want anything to do with lower class individuals because they were not at the same level. Blacks did not want anything to do with Mayella because they would be accused of something wrong for the reason that she is white. Mayella lives almost like the majority of people in the Great Depression where ” Many more lived at the edges of cities in makeshift shantytowns.” (Taylor 7)The Great Depression was a bit active at the time in which Mayella lives in the back of the town’s garbage and also does not have an education. Mayella lives with her abusive father and has to take care of the children, some even feel sorry for the condition that she is in. People wanted to be around others who look and live nicely also those with educational manners.Of course that is what society looks for,classism, “Classism is also held in place by a system of beliefs which ranks people according to economic status, job and level of education.” (Donna & Laura 1) Status is the key part of your life in how you are in society. In making friends and getting along with others. Your way of living relies on how you are looked and treated by your community.

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