Why is it that Mr. Dolphus Raymond prefers colored people than white people?

People tend to want to be with people in which they feel most comfortable with and have more respect towards. Others have no reason and choose to be with different people like Mr. Raymond, “Why’s he sittin’ with the colored folks?” Always does. He likes ’em better’n he likes us.” (Lee 161) For Mr. Raymond being a white man, it was odd for some people to see him being with colored folks in addition to having a colored women and mixed children. Maybe having the thought that he chose to be with them since he finds them to be more caring and gentle than the whites. In which he also might think of the whites to being rude and disrespectful to colored folks when they are just the same. Like in the Jim Crow laws as said, ” Rice and his imitators, by their stereotypical depictions of blacks, helped to popularize the belief that blacks were lazy, stupid, inherently less human, and unworthy of integration.” (Unknown 9) Rice was a white person who portrayed blacks as being something negative in society. While Mr. Raymond thinking the opposite and maybe even wanting to be one of the colored folks. Some people were not on board with the situation of being with their same race all the time. If that was the case then individuals should be with who ever they want to be with no matter who they are. As said once by Martin Luther King Jr. “King believed that black and white people should resist laws that they thought unjust. ” (Unknown 1) If whites wanted to be with blacks for their character then go for it since there is nothing wrong about it, same thing with blacks. Mr. Raymond’s decision of preferring blacks over whites may be to show that he is different from the rest and has more interest in colored folks , or maybe because he simply likes them.


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