How did The Great Depression contribute to people being so poor like the Cunninghams and Ewells?

The Great Depression had a great impact on millions leaving them with no jobs and left at the bottom of the social system. Having the Cunninghams and Ewells as an example to the point where Scout asks her father, “Are we poor ,Atticus?” (Lee 21) The Cunninghams and Ewells were represented as the poorest in Maycomb. Since the novel was taken place during the time of the great depression, the Cunninghams got affected the most since they were farmers. While Atticus being a lawyer, he is still considered to be poor for the reason that farmers were too.In addition to the great depression it was said that ” millions were homeless, farmers also lost their land and equipment to foreclosure.” (Taylor 7) Many were considered to be at the low class for not having a job or a house . This situation made half of the people go into poverty because each job depended on one another.Although that was not the case most of the time, “Many rich people felt no impact at all, and were oblivious to the suffering of others.”(unknown 1) Of course not everyone was affected in the same way, since these rich people were at the top of everyone , high class. Not even bothering or caring of what is happening to the ones who lie beneath them. The Great Depression played a big role in people’s lives from their way of living to where they are categorized in society.


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