Is it okay for Atticus to defend Tom Robinson?

Most of the folks in Maycomb are not satisfied with Atticus having to defend Tom, including the family which think it is a wrong decision. One thinks it is a disgrace as Francis says, ” but now he’s turned out a nigger-lover we’ll never be able to walk the streets of Maycomb agin. He’s ruinin’ the family, that’s what he’s doin’.” ( Lee 83) Since Tom Robinson is a black person who is at the low class and Atticus at a pretty decent class, as most would say , find it odd for Atticus to be defending him when they were at the time of racial segregation. However, there is completely nothing wrong with supporting Tom because he is a human being like the rest of the people in Maycomb. Atticus of course is aware of his people not approving his decision ,but chooses to still take a stand for Tom which he thinks is the right thing to do. Also, Atticus is not against blacks and treats Tom as any other person, as said once, ” all men are basically alike, with common aspirations, fears, and problems.” (Connie 16)Nobody has the right to disapprove of a case when people do not know the full story and discriminating one for their race. Whites and blacks are equally the same but have a hard time facing reality.Atticus either way as a lawyer has to defend him as one lawyer said ” Our function is not to judge, or impose our sensibilities or morality, but to defend.”(Kindley 1)One as a lawyer has to defend every client that comes toward them and be there for them no matter what. Even if it takes to be discriminated by others. Defending someone that is lower than you is not really a bad thing, in fact it makes you stand up for what you think is the good thing to do.


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Why were blacks expected to be less than whites?

Racial Segregation played a part in the novel, having whites view blacks as less individuals. Where people of color are suppose to serve to whites, as Jem suggested to Miss Maudie ” Why don’t you get a colored man?”(Lee 74) Blacks are being portrayed as vulnerable individuals who can not please themselves, but only to others. Their skin color is what determines the way that they should be treated. They are also being seen to only do minor jobs ,” They mowed lawns, “took in washing,” shined shoes, did all the menial jobs.”(Connie 14) These people were seen as slaves and to obey their owners , whites. They were taken to be dumb and useless for anything big in society. Whites did not ever picture a black person being a professional worker like they were. They were expected to take orders from one individual or just be an outdoor worker. Some say the color of our skin says a lot about our future ,”the notion that a particular skin color signaled one’s status as a human being.”(Jeffries 1)For the reason blacks had colored skin , everyone was suppose to treat them like trash. All because of what people thought they were suppose to be viewed as.People have no right to treat others less just because of the color of their skin.


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How did The Great Depression contribute to people being so poor like the Cunninghams and Ewells?

The Great Depression had a great impact on millions leaving them with no jobs and left at the bottom of the social system. Having the Cunninghams and Ewells as an example to the point where Scout asks her father, “Are we poor ,Atticus?” (Lee 21) The Cunninghams and Ewells were represented as the poorest in Maycomb. Since the novel was taken place during the time of the great depression, the Cunninghams got affected the most since they were farmers. While Atticus being a lawyer, he is still considered to be poor for the reason that farmers were too.In addition to the great depression it was said that ” millions were homeless, farmers also lost their land and equipment to foreclosure.” (Taylor 7) Many were considered to be at the low class for not having a job or a house . This situation made half of the people go into poverty because each job depended on one another.Although that was not the case most of the time, “Many rich people felt no impact at all, and were oblivious to the suffering of others.”(unknown 1) Of course not everyone was affected in the same way, since these rich people were at the top of everyone , high class. Not even bothering or caring of what is happening to the ones who lie beneath them. The Great Depression played a big role in people’s lives from their way of living to where they are categorized in society.


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